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What is Auceye?
What does it do?
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What is Auceye?

Auceye is a simple to use Internet online bidding solution which adds a new dimension to the traditional live auction.

Auceye is a bespoke system designed specifically for Auction houses and Auctioneers allowing them to stream their auctions live to their customers throughout the world.

Auceye is designed to supplement the traditional auction and not replace it, Auceye gives registered buyers and sellers the facility to monitor the auction progress and bid online when they are unable to attend in person.

Auceye provides an additional tool for auctioneers to attract new customers, it adds a new dimension to the bidding process and provides customers with the ability to take part in the auction from their own home, office or when travelling. Importantly Auceye also gives the Sellers the ability to monitor their lots during the bidding process.