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What is Auceye?
What does it do?
What will it cost?

What will Auceye do?

Auceye allows pre-registered sellers to view and follow their lots and other lots going through the bidding process as it happens on the day of sale, giving an instant display of bidding prices on their own computer screens.

Pre-registered buyers can view and bid online instantly during the bidding process with a simple user friendly interface.

Displays each lot as they come up with picture and brief description over the internet, to registered sellers and buyers and displays each bid instantly. An in-auction room display can also be added.

Auceye is specifically designed to allow in-house staff to run the system. Auction staff run the user friendly system during auction and it is complimentary to telephone and in-room bidding. The operator passes bids to the auctioneer in the same way as telephone bidding.

Auceye monitors and records all bids coming in instantly and records the bidder’s details and price as bid.

Auceye is a very versatile system and can be linked to the Auction companies own site and tailored to their corporate design and logo’s.